Representative Council Of Learners Of Martie du Plessis

Representative Council Of Learners


Martie du Plessis School is characterised by our pride, our dynamic development, healthy interpersonal relationships and maintaining our Christian values, our concern for and co-operation between our learners, teaching staff and parents.


To maintain discipline and order and work together as a team.


We strive to achieve the following:

  • Co-responsibility for the organising and discipline of the school
  • A culture of learning and service
  • A spirit of loyalty
  • Acting in the best interest of the school
  • A spirit of respect regarding religion, race and gender
  • Participation in all activities of the school
  • See to the welfare of all learners
  • Encouraging good relationships between all parties at the school


The RCL is composed of learners who are enrolled at the school from grade 8 to grade 12. The learners serve in the RCL for a term of one year (from the Prizegiving to the next year’s Prizegiving). The learners are elected in the following ratio:

  • Gr. 8-10: TWO learners per grade: ONE girl and ONE boy.
  • Gr. 11: SIX learners for grade 11. At least ONE girl must be elected.
  • Gr. 12: EIGHT learners for grade 12. At least ONE girl must be elected.

Learners in each grade nominate learners to represent them. After the nominations had been received, each grade votes for their representatives. RCL members elect the leader and vice-leader. The leader and vice-leader must be grade 12 learners. The prime function of the RCL is to promote communication between learners, teachers and governing body and help in maintaining discipline. 


A learner will not be allowed on the RCL if he/she …

  • is expelled from the school
  • smokes
  • have more than 60 points on the behaviour report
  • leaves the school
  • does not pass his/her grade and therefore cannot represent his/her grade for the next year
  • has a criminal record

A nomination is rejected if it …

  • does not bear the signatures of the proposer, secondant and candidate.
  • meets the disqualifications from the RCL as set out in no. 3 above.

A ballot paper is rejected if …

  • it does not bear the school stamp.
  • it has more votes on it than the number of votes allowed.
  • it is completed in such a way that the election team is unsure for which candidate the vote was cast.


  • Learners are informed of the election at the end of the third term by means of posters on the notice boards, as well as every morning at assembly.
  • The grade groups are convened separately and learners are asked for nominations for the new RCL.
  • A learner may only be nominated by a learner in the same grade.
  • Nominations must be submitted to the Elections officer (as appointed by the management team).
  • A nomination letter is completed by the proposer, secondant and the candidate (nominee). 


  • The election takes place during the Third term. A team of two/three staff members is appointed by the head of department as the election team.
  • The election takes place seven days after submission of the nominations.
  • A ballot paper (bearing all successful nominations) is compiled.
  • The school stamp is placed on each ballot paper.
  • The grade groups are convened separately in the hall/class.
  • The election team explains the election procedure. Each learner receives a ballot paper from the election team, vote and put the ballot paper in a ballot box/give it to the election team member.

    • Election procedure:
    - Grade 7 vote for: 2 grade 7 RCL members; one boy and one girl
    - Grade 8 vote for: 2 grade 8 RCL members; one boy and one girl
    - Grade 9 vote for: 2 grade 9 RCL members; one boy and one girl
    - Grade 10 vote for: 6 grade 10 RCL members; boys or girls (at least 1 girl)
    - Grade 11 vote for: 8 grade 11 RCL members; boys or girls (at least 1 girl)

  • The election team counts all the ballot papers and the result is announced to the learners immediately/within a reasonable time. The names of the leader and vice-leader are kept secret until the Prizegiving when the new RCL is announced by the principal.
  • If two/more candidates in the same grade receive the same number of votes, the learners in the specific grade have to vote again.
  • The names of the main leader and vice-leader will be announced at the beginning of the following year after the RCL camp where all the RCL members have the privilege of electing the leaders.
  • The grade 12 learner with the most votes is nominated as Leader and the grade 12 learner with the second most votes is nominated as Vice-leader.
  • The ballot papers are sealed in an envelope bearing the signatures of the election team and are kept safe until the next election.
  • Should a vacancy become available, a by-election must take place before the next RCL meeting.


  • First meeting takes place together with the RCL guardian within seven days after the announcement.
  • A compulsory leadership training session takes place, if possible, during the second weekend of the new school year.
  • The RCL meets every week as needed.
  • Any person may attend and participate in the meeting on invitation from the RCL but may not vote.
  • The RCL may ask any staff member to attend the meeting about matters concerning the staff member, provided the matter falls under the mandate of the RCL.
  • The majority constitutes a quorum, i.e. decisions may only be made if half of the RCL members are present. (This means that 10 members must be present.)
  • The meeting follows the normal proceedings of a meeting and the secretary must keep the minutes and provide the principal of a copy when he requests it. A copy of the minutes must be submitted to the RCL guardian within a week after the meeting.


The management team appoints a staff member as guardian of the RCL. The principal and teachers must be sympathetic towards the RCL and understand their role clearly. The guardian is responsible for:

  • Creating an amicable and confidential relationship with the RCL.
  • Creating spontaneous communication between him/herself, staff members and the RCL.
  • Support and guidance to the RCL.
  • Establishing leadership in the RCL. Arrange a leadership camp for the second weekend of the new school year with all the new RCL members.
  • Assistance to the RCL in any relevant matter.


8.1 Summary

  • Establishing respect for each other and everyone in the school.
  • Know and apply the school rules.
  • Be visible in the school.
  • Set an example for other learners of the school.
  • Be trustworthy and fair at all times.

8.2 Communicate with the learners, School Management Team (SMT) and the School Governing Body (SGB).

8.2.1 Hold at least one meeting per term with the learners.
8.2.2 Both leaders serve on the School Governing Body (SGB) to give feedback on relevant matters.
8.2.3 In addition to the quarterly meeting, meetings are scheduled as needed to discuss relevant issues.

8.3 Represent the learners and therefore the wellbeing of the school and the learners is their first priority.

8.3.1 The RCL must give feedback at least once per term to the learners about ideas, proposals, commentary and complaints submitted by the learners.
8.3.2 Should an idea/proposal be rejected by the RCL meeting, the RCL must explain to the learners why it was rejected.
8.3.3 Should an idea/proposal be accepted by the RCL meeting, the RCL must refer it to the management team or governing body via the RCL guardian or RCL chairman.

  • Should the school management also accept the idea/proposal, it may be included in the school rules if applicable.
  • Should the school management reject it, the principal must explain it to the RCL and the RCL must in turn explain it to the learners.

8.3.4 Encourage mutual respect, good manners and a high moral through the correct channels:

  • Learner > RCL member > RCL meeting > RCL guardian/chairman > Principal
  • Learner > Principal > RCL chairman > RCL meeting
  • Learner > RCL > Learner
  • RCL member > RCL meeting

8.4 Assist the principal and teachers in maintaining discipline.

8.4.1 Responsible for quiet and order during line-up when school begins.
8.4.2 Responsible for quiet, order and moving in lines during changing of classes.
8.4.3 Responsible for quiet and order in class in the absence of the teacher.
8.4.4 Responsible for maintaining quiet and order during assembly, breaks and after school.

8.5 Is responsible for hoisting and striking the national flag in accordance with a roster drawn up by the RCL guardian.

8.6 Create the basis for the development of leaders.

8.6.1 Attendance of the RCL camp on short notice after announcement of the RCL is compulsory.
8.6.2 RCL members must be able to co-operate with each other.
8.6.3 Rules and regulations must be respected.
8.6.4 RCL guardian and RCL members must support each other.
8.6.5 Members may have differences, but these may not prevent them from executing their RCL duties. RCL must still function as a unit in spite of differences.
8.6.6 RCL must strive for mutual trust and support.

8.7 Give bookmark to birthday learners.

8.8 Assist in seeing that learners wear the correct schoolwear and that everybody is neat.

8.9 Propagate order in the school and do not create chaos.

8.9.1 RCL members must be on terrain duty during break. RCL guardian compiles a timetable.
8.9.2 Two RCL members must be on bathroom duty and see to it that towels are washed weekly.
8.9.3 Maintain quiet and order during assembly.
8.9.4 Responsible for passage duty. See to it that learners do not use the passages.

8.10 Assist the school management and staff in implementing the school rules. Breaking any school rule must be written down and/or reported at the RCL guardian.

8.11 Execute activities democratically at the school.
8.11.1 During RCL meetings all activities must be discussed thoroughly and, if necessary, the members must vote.
8.11.2 During meetings with the learners the RCL must listen to the complaints or problems of the learners and find solutions. 


9.1 Before school

  • Learners move to the high school area.
  • Learners may not move through the passages.

9.2 Line-up in the morning

  • Learners line up in the space allocated to grade 7-9 or 10-12.
  • Each RCL member is allocated to a specific grade for which he/she is responsible.
  • As RCL member the other grades are also your responsibility.
  • RCL move around to assist the class captains.
  • The names of learners transgressing rules are written in the RCL book.

9.3 During break

  • Make sure that you as RCL are on duty for the week according to the timetable.
  • As RCL you are never “OFF” – you are always on duty to maintain order and discipline in the school.
  • Any incidents must be reported to the staff.

9.4 After break

  • RCL must ensure that learners go to their classes when the bell rings.
  • Ensure that learners line up for their next class.

9.5 End of the day

  • The Gr. 12 RCL members leave the class at 13:40 to do their point duty in accordance with the timetable.

9.6 Assembly

  • RCL walks in together with the class for which he/she is responsible.
  • RCL members sit among the learners next to the wall.
  • RCL must keep the learners quiet and ensure that they sit still.
  • RCL must see to it that learners stand to attention during the singing of the school hymn and national anthem.

9.7 How to handle learners

  • Learners must always be treated with respect.
  • Be reasonable and fair to all learners.
  • Do not shout at a learner or call them names.
  • Use I-messages.

9.8 When a learner transgressed the school rules

  • Tell the learner which rule was transgressed.
  • Tell the learner what the consequence of the transgression is.
  • Warn the learner.
  • Try taking the learner aside to speak to him/her.
  • If the learner transgresses again, the learner gets written up in the RCL book.
  • Take care that all details are recorded in the RCL book and that the learner signs.
  • Should the learner refuse to sign, a person who witnessed the transgression, must sign.

9.9 The RCL book

  • Make sure that the learner signs the RCL book.
  • Should the learner refuse to sign, a person who witnessed the transgression, must sign.
  • The RCL book must then be handed in to the RCL guardian at the end of the week.
  • As soon as there are 3 entries (unless it is a serious offense, requiring immediate attention), the learner is written up on SAMS.

9.10 Code of Conduct for the RCL

  • The RCL is neat and wears the correct schoolwear.
  • The RCL treats all learners and teachers with respect regardless of gender, race, culture, language, age or disability.
  • The RCL member sets an example at all times (within and outside of the school).
  • The RCL attends all meetings as scheduled.
  • An RCL member may not be guilty of the following:
    - Transgression of school rules.
    - Any form of physical contact with the opposite sex.
    - Fighting, bullying, swearing or any form of racism.

9.11 Disciplinary procedure for RCL

  • RCL members warn and talks to the person.
  • The RCL member is referred to the RCL guardian.
  • RCL member is then warned and may be suspended pending the seriousness of the offense.
  • With the next transgression the RCL member is then referred to the management team for disciplinary action.
  • If the RCL member's badge is removed, the person who was next on the list according to the number of votes they received will be appointed as the new RCL member.
  • If the RCL member's badge is removed, it may be for a period as follows:

    - Temporary and with possible reinstatement, depending on the person's behaviour.
    (Is done if the transgression is serious, but the person's actions did not result in him/her losing their integrity to such an extent that they will no longer be able to fulfil the role of a leader.)
    - Permanently
    (Is done if the transgression is serious, and the person's actions have resulted in him/her losing their integrity to such an extent and that the bond of trust between the leader and the wider school community has been irrevocably damaged and that they will no longer be able to fulfil the role of a leader.)
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