Martie du Plessis Homework Policy


This policy communicates the importance of homework and how it helps your child to learn, rather than focus on the amount of time. The guidelines do however also indicate how much time learners might reasonably be expected to spend on homework.

Remember this is not cast in stone since some learners need more time to study or complete their homework.

While most parents do appreciate the value and importance of homework, a few feel that we do not give enough homework and others feel that there is too much!

It is not always easy to get the balance right, but we will aim to get it right more often than not.

Please Download

It's vital to read, sign and return the HOMEWORK AGREEMENT FORM to the school.

Laai Dokument Af

Dis belangrik dat die HUISWERKOOREENKOMS VORM geteken en teruggestuur word na die skool.


  • It raises your child’s achievement.
  • It consolidates and extends the work they have done in school.
  • It helps to inform you about your child’s school work and allows and gives you the opportunity to support this work.
  • It is a valuable life skill and develops good work habits for the future.
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