Martie du Plessis Religion Policy


1. Martie du Plessis School is a school with a Christian foundation and character

  • The acceptance of the Bible as the infallible Word of God.
  • The belief in the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • This foundation is in direct relationship to the fact that the school serves a prevalent Christian society and that the majority of the learners come from Christian homes.

2. Martie du Plessis School justifies its Christian foundation and character within the framing of National Education Legislation.

  • The elected Governing body has the responsibility to draw up the religion policy within the framework of National Education Legislation and to revise it periodically.
  • The Christian foundation of the school implies that only the Christian faith will be upheld here, always in such a manner that no discrimination will take place against learners who do not profess the Christian faith.
  • Although Martie du Plessis School has an explicit Christian foundation, learners from other religions can be admitted within the framework of the normal policy of admittance.

3. The Christian foundation and character of Martie du Plessis School implies the following practical consequences:

  • Official and public school activities are usually opened with Scripture reading and prayer.
  • Teachers are expected to set a positive example in their teaching in the classroom and in their way of life by adhering to the core values that the school stands for in terms of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity and Caring. In this way they must develop the Christian character of the school.
  • Learners are expected to honour the Christian character of the school in the classroom and on the school grounds. They must refrain from any behaviour which may be incompatible with Christian norms and values.
  • In cases where learners do not profess the Christian religion and cannot participate in the practical pursuit of the Christian foundation of the school, written requests from parents or guardians must be submitted for consideration by the Management Team and School Governing Body. Such requests are handled individually on condition that alternative arrangements will be made in these cases.
  • Doctrine and proselytisation will not be found in the Christian foundation of Martie du Plessis School, e.g. matters such as infant or adult baptism, extraordinary gifts of the Holy Spirit and other matters where there is no consensus among different church groups.
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