Cell Phone Policy at Martie du Plessis

Cell Phones

Policy: Cell Phones, Ipods, Mp3 Players, Boomboxes, Wireless Earphones, Etc.

1. No cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, Boomboxes, wireless headphones or similar items may be visible or switched on during school hours. Exceptions can occur if it is used as a teaching aid in a classroom. The staff member concerned will then give permission and supervise.

2. The school will take no responsibility if any of these items is brought to school and gets stolen. Consequently, it should also not be reported to the school.

3. If a teacher should see or hear any part of these items, for instance earphones, during school hours it will be confiscated. If it is the first transgression, the item must be handed in at the office and the learner may retrieve it from the financial officer at the end of the school day. From the second transgression only the parent/guardian may retrieve the item from the office after a period of 24 hours. If it is not possible for the parent to come to school, the parent is responsible to make arrangements with the school.

4. Should a cell phone be confiscated, the learner is allowed to keep the SIM card. The item shall be kept in the safe in an envelope with the learner's name on it. Specify the type of phone, whether the battery had been removed, whether the learner kept the SIM card and let the teacher and learner sign on the sealed envelope.

5. A register of confiscated items will be kept at the financial officer.

6. No cell phone may be used as a calculator or watch.

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