Admission Process At at Martie du Plessis

Admission Process

Steps to enrol your child the following procedure must be followed:

Step 1: SBST (School Based Support Team of the current school that your child attends) complete SNA documents and attach supporting documents of Psychologists & Therapists.

Step 2: SBST send the documents to the DBST (District Based Support Team).

Step 3: DBST assess and send the documentation with recommendation to the Special Needs School that fits your child's criteria.

Step 4: The SBST of Martie du Plessis will check the information and admit the child or if they are unsure will screen the child for 2 weeks to see if the child can master the Mainstream Curriculum and notify the parents and DBST of the outcome.

Download Complete

A compressive policy guide can be downloaded below that provides in-depth detail about how the admission process it followed at Martie du Plessis.

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