Martie du Plessis Hostel


Residing in the Hostel a Cosmos Privilege and not a right and is only for learners residing outside the Greater Bloemfontein-area. In extreme cases parents from within Bloemfontein can motivate why their child needs to reside in Hostel. The Hostel will then assess each individual case based on the motivation and the leaners’ behavioural record.

If a learner does not adhere to the rules of the Hostel the privilege to reside in the Hostel will be cancelled.

No exemption is applicable to Hostel fees and payments needs to be made upfront.

During exeat weekends, parents must arrange transport for their children from the Hostel and back to the Hostel.

  • Boys
    (Ages 13 years old - they finish school)
  • Girls
    (All ages)
  • Boys
    Ages 6 -13 years old


The SGB is responsible for purchasing, maintaining and running costs of the school buses and therefore nor exemption is applicable and payments must be made upfront.

  • Placement on the route is based on availability of space on the specific route.
  • Payment must be made upfront.
  • Only identified pick-up and drop off points. No other arrangements is possible unless permission from the Deputy Principal.
  • Learners who does not behave in the bus will be removed from the bus and the privilege will be taken away.
  • Once a seat is allocated to your child, you have to pay the full amount even if you don't use the transport.
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